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Sustainability Education for Europe

A pan-European initiative for sustainability education in primary and secondary schools.

"Sustainability Education for Europe" (SEFE) is a new pan-European initiative to increase and improve sustainability education in primary and secondary schools across Europe. SEFE is built on the belief that education has the power to set the next generations up for success. It is therefore at the core of SEFE's work to advocate for a better future through better education. The goal of SEFE's activities is to give the European youth access to knowledge on climate change, biodiversity, and the environment as a part of their ordinary formal education.

SEFE is an entirely volunteer-run initiative. It is a community of educators, policy experts, and sustainability enthusiasts, who carry out policy research on national curricula and best practices in sustainability education. On the basis of this research, SEFE publishes policy briefs and make suggestions on ways that governments and educational institutions can implement and improve sustainability curriculums throughout Europe. Through its work, SEFE also aims to raise awareness around the importance of sustainability education in Europe.

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