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Environmental Law

Climate Law. Human Environmental Rights. Circular Economy. Hazardous Waste Law. Corporate Sustainability.

Christine Nikander has extensive knowledge of environmental law, human environmental rights, climate change law, circular economy, the just transition, hazardous waste law, corporate sustainability, and EU regulatory law. She has an LL.M. in Global Environment and Climate Change Law from Edinburgh University Law School. She also completed coursework on (corporate) environmental law at Columbia Law School.

At University and for NGOs, think tanks and government, Christine has conducted extensive research on human environmental rights, on the environmental liability of corporate entities, on the international law applicable to the transboundary movement of electronic waste, on circular economy policy and law, as well as on corporate social responsibility for environmental issues.

Christine enjoys combining her training in public interest law and corporate law in her work, research, and teaching. She regularly lectures and speaks as a panelist on environmental law, circular economy, the just transition, corporate social responsibility, as well as environmental, social, and governance standards.

To find out more about the legal services that Christine provides, follow the link below.

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