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Her camera is one of the first items Christine packs when traveling to any place new. Christine is a landscape, botanical and travel photographer. She particularly loves photographing buildings, sunsets, the ocean, gardens and friends.

Below you will find an assortment of Christine's past photography. You will also find a lot of the photographs available for purchase as postcards or greeting cards in the online shop.

Christine behind the lens.jpg


Original photography on demand.

In the past, Christine has published a set of her photography to accompany creative writing in magazines. Her landscape and botanical photography would make for a nice backdrop for a variety of publications.

If would like to commission Christine for a project, please reach out. If you are looking for original photography that is not location-bound, Christine is happy to take a set of commissioned photographs (to a specific theme or concept) in her local surroundings. Moreover, if you should be looking for photographs of a specific location, Christine may be available to come take photographs on site.

Please also reach out if you are interested in purchasing the (exclusive) rights to any of the photographs featured in the video above.

Travel Polaroids


Travel  |  Food  |  Architecture  |  Art

Join Christine as she travels along the "Road of Weser Renaissance" by e-car, and captures the beauty of the local food and architecture through the lens of her DSLR camera.

Shop postcards.

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