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Intellectual Property Law

Transactional Intellectual Property. Licensing Agreements. Patent Litigation.

After graduating from law school, Christine Nikander undertook a junior training contract at a large law firm in Amsterdam. This is where she was initially trained to practice intellectual property law — on the job, through real-life legal practice. She also completed coursework on intellectual property law as a part of her LL.M. at Columbia Law School.


Christine has three years of experience as an associate at a corporate law firm, working for large multinational corporations. She also has in-house legal experience management intellectual property portfolios. Christine is experienced in the negotiation and drafting of contracts licensing out and protecting IP rights.


Christine's work in IP law aided by her training in both the environmental sciences and the arts. She has a keen eye for details. Christine can quickly grasp the core concepts behind patents, trade secrets, and other hard intellectual property. She also has a fair understanding of the art and design markets.

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Past Work

  • Drafting contracts and clauses to protect IP rights of startups and multinationals

  • Licensing of know-how and content for research and educational projects

  • Copyright licensing of artworks and patterns in the textile and interior design sectors

  • Copyright licensing of photographs and content for marketing and sales purposes

  • IP protection for Indigenous People's art and cultural heritage

  • Transactional IP for M&A deals

  • Patent and trade secret litigation

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