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Legal Research

Public & Private Law. EU National & International Law. Comparative Research.

Christine Nikander is an experienced legal researcher. She has conducted legal research while at University, while employed at a large law firm, for multiple NGOs and think tanks, and for social enterprises.

At University and for NGOs and think tanks, Christine has conducted extensive research on human environmental rights, on the environmental liability of corporate entities, on the international law applicable to the transboundary movement of electronic waste, on circular economy policy and law, as well as on corporate social responsibility under the law.

For the private sector and for social enterprises, Christine has done research on EU law, on competition law, on the enforcement of arbitral decisions, on document production in international arbitration, on copyright and other intellectual property rights, as well as on the scope of judicial and political immunity under public international law.

Christine studied law in the Netherlands, the UK, and Finland. She is specialized in EU, comparative European, and international law. Conducting comparative legal research is hence something that comes easy to her. Moreover, she enjoys combining her training in public law and her work experience in corporate law in her research.

Christine's background provides her with a unique and well-rounded perspective when conducting legal research. To find out more about the legal services that Christine provides, follow the link below.

Researching and Writing

Publications & Research

  • “The Just Transition Newsletter” • 03/2024 - present • Monthly newsletter by Palsa & Pulk exploring how to achieve a just transition and how companies can become champions for change (published on LinkedIn, Substack, and website)

  • “The E-Waste Column” • 09/2022 - present • Weekly column and a monthly newsletter on e-waste, transition minerals, and critical raw materials (published on LinkedIn, Substack, and website)

  • “E-waste recycling: time to peddle harder” • 03/2024 • Article published online and in print in The Mint Magazine by Promoting Economic Pluralism

  • “How have courts dealt with scientific evidence in youth-led climate cases? How does this differ between courts?” • 12/2021 • LL.M. writing project for Columbia Law School (unpublished)

  • "Attacks on Human Rights Lawyers in Zimbabwe: 2020/21 Report" • 09/2021 • Report drafted for Lawyers for Lawyers (published)

  • “The Legal Principles of Hazardous Waste Management, and Their Deployment in European and US Case Law” • 08/2017 • Master's thesis for Edinburgh Law School (unpublished)

  • “E-Waste Trafficking as an Environmental Crime: Countering the Transboundary Movement of E-waste by Legally Limiting Planned Obsolescence” • 05/2016 • Bachelor's thesis for Leiden University College (unpublished)

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