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Due Diligence

Legal Document Review and eDiscovery.

Christine Nikander is experienced in conducting due diligence and large-scale document review. She has done this work in private practice, in-house and as a freelancer. In the past, Christine has conducted due diligence for M&A deals, as well as legal document review for large competition cases and international arbitrations. Her particular expertise lays in the reviewing of IP documents and licensing agreements. Christine's extensive language skills allow her to easily review documents in English, German, Finnish and Dutch.

To find out more about the legal services that Christine provides, follow the link below.

Past Work

  • Christine has worked as a team lead and an assistant review manager on a large and short-term legal document review project.

  • She has prior project management experience from a smaller transactional IP matter, which entailed IP & patent & validity checks (and was part of a larger scale M&A deal).

  • She has experience in quality control (QC) work from a large and short-term legal document review project.

  • She has previously reviewed and coded large sets of legal documents in Relativity and other eDiscovery platforms.

  • She has prior document review experience from EU competition law cases, international arbitrations and cross-border commercial litigation, and M&A deals (particularly IP-heavy deals).

  • In the past, she has also set up and managed smaller databases in Relativity (including the creation of folders, codes, custodians, batches).

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