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Using small linocuts and metal letterpress type from old printing machines from around the world, we have handprinted a set of new cards. The typeface on these cards is fabulously mismatched and wonderfully retro!

L i n o c u t   &   L e t t e r p r e s s   G r e e t i n g   C a r d s

Buy any 4 linocut or letterpressed greeting cards and get one free by entering the promo code "Handpressed" at check-out. (The extra greeting card will be chosen at random, useless you leave a note with your desired design at check-out.)

The Process Behind the Printing.

Handprinting with old letterpress type.

Painting Prints

Step 1: Getting the Letterpress Type Ready

It all starts with the old metal letterpress type pieces. These have been carefully collected and originate from old printing machines from around the world. Over the years, the pieces have gathered dust. There may also still be old ink or machine old on them. To avoid impurities in the print, these need to be carefully cleaned.

Set 2: Typesetting

This is were the creative process really starts. First, the letters for the text need to be picked out and aligned. Then, the arrangement of the text on the page needs to be thought out. Finally, if applicable, an image stamp is picked out too and that is added to the arrangement.

Step 3: Fastening the Type

The typeset now needs to be fixed into place, so the pieces cannot move when turned around onto the page.

Print Roller
Print Making

Step 4: Applying the Paint

Once the type has been fastened, the paint comes into play. The paint needs to be applied evenly and as a relative thin layer to the surface of the metal pieces, to assure for the best print outcome.

Step 5: Making the Print

As a final step, the stamp that has been created is turned face down and pressed gently onto a page. The stamp and page are then flipped, with the page facing upwards. The paper is gently pulled upwards, revealing the print.

Handprinted Cards: Projects
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