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Short Stories

Beyond the Tales

Christine has been telling and writing stories since she was small. Through her writing, she tries to change perspective and examine things in new ways.

The inspiration for her characters is found in the people she sees or meets in different parts of the world. Similarly, the topics of the stories are often the result of the (long) conversations she has with friends, family and strangers.

Christine is currently working on a collection of short stories. You can follow the progress on Instagram.



Behind the Words

Christine has been writing poetry her whole life. A lot of her poetry resolves around finding joy in everyday things or exploring her intercultural identity. She writes a lot while traveling or moving, and the changes in perspective this brings is something she strives to capture in her poetry.

As a fun fact: In University, Christine slammed poetry at spoken word events. While she no longer slams at public events, some of her poetry is clearly still written with the intention to be read out loud.

Christine is currently working on two poetry collections. You can follow the progress on Instagram.


Children's Literature

New Literary Adventures

Christine is currently working on a series of children's books. She is co-authoring the narratives of the stories and she is doing the illustrating of the books. Christine is new to the world of children's literature, but she is very excited about this project! (This is best evidenced by the stacks of children's books she has laying on her desk, which she has been going through as research for this project.) You can follow the progress of the children's books on Instagram.


Creative Writing

Outside the Box

Christine has written and published a variety of essays, articles and other creative writing. Her writing cannot always be classified as being purely one form of prose or non-fiction.

Christine likes to break outside the conventional literary formats and to try out hybrid formats. She likes to write short plays that resemble poems. She occasionally writes series of very short short stories that act together as an article of sorts. Sometimes, she even combines essay-writing with prose in a single piece.

If you are looking to have her write an original piece for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with Christine.


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