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Palsa & Pulk

A startup and for-profit social enterprise.

Palsa & Pulk B.V. is a young startup and for-profit social enterprise based in The Hague. It is a new type of consultancy that was founded by Christine Nikander in 2022. By taking an innovative and hands-on approach, Palsa & Pulk B.V. works together with clients to tackle the largest social and environmental challenges of our time.

The focus of Palsa & Pulk B.V. is on leveraging diversity of thought to create long-lasting impact. Respect for diversity and the promotion of social mobility are at the core of the business. In line with this, the team of Palsa & Pulk B.V. is young, creative, and diverse – and that in turn allows the consultancy to think outside the box when advising its clients. 

The company's philosophy is simple. Palsa & Pulk B.V. is here to create a positive impact on the environment and for its people. It puts impact and long-term prosperity before profits. Palsa & Pulk B.V.'s work is largely focused on sustainability and circular economy, but also includes social and labor topics. The company works with its clients to design creative and high impact solutions to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, and thereby aims to provide its clients with a competitive advantage.

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