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Creative Writing

Outside the Box

Christine has written and published a variety of essays, articles and other creative writing. Her writing cannot always be classified as being purely one form of prose or non-fiction.

Christine likes to break outside the conventional literary formats and to try out hybrid formats. She likes to write short plays that resemble poems. She occasionally writes series of very short short stories that act together as an article of sorts. Sometimes, she even combines essay-writing with prose in a single piece.

If you are looking to have her write an original piece for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with Christine.

Travel Polaroids


Travel  |  Food  |  Architecture  |  Art

Join Christine as she travels along the "Road of Weser Renaissance" by e-car, and captures the beauty of the local food and architecture through the lens of her DSLR camera.

Previously Published

A selection of old works


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