Paving a new path.

Combining a passion for the law, management, and creativity under one roof.

After having worked at a large law firm for a number of years, Christine Nikander founded her own company in August 2020. Through her business, Christine offers her EU-based clients legal, management and content creation services on an interim, freelance, consultancy, contractual or project basis.

Christine also has a small artist's studio in the north of Germany. Through the studio branch of her company, she produces and sells a selection of her creative work.


Legal Services (EU only)

Interim Legal Counsel

Legal Consultancy & Contract Work

Pro bono Legal Advice

Alternative Dispute Resolution

International & EU Law

Contract Drafting

Intellectual Property

Corporate Social Responsibility

Interim Management

Legal & Compliance Management
Project Management
Litigation Case Management
Document Review Management
Leading Legal & Mixed Teams

Intercultural Management

Diversity & Inclusion Management

CSR Management

Content Creation

Original Art

- Photography

- Illustrations

- Printmaking

Storytelling & Copywriting

Copyediting & Proofreading