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Legal Work

Since August 2020, she has been working as an independent legal contractor and interim legal counsel. She also regularly provides pro bono legal advice to social enterprises and young start-ups.

Christine studied law in the Netherlands and the UK. She is a graduate of Leiden University and Edinburgh University Law School. After graduating, she worked at a large law firm in Amsterdam for three years.

Her legal specializations lay in environmental law, human rights, public international law, EU regulatory law, international arbitration, intellectual property, commercial litigation and corporate social responsibility. Christine also has a fair amount of experience with the negotiation and drafting of contracts protecting IP rights.

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Christine started coming up with stories long before she learned to write. In school, Christine loved to write short stories and poems and she continues to do so. In University, she slammed poetry at spoken word events and she regularly published short stories in a student magazine. Be it creative writing, academic writing or legal drafting, Christine loves everything related to writing!

Christine is currently working on two poetry collections and a short story collection of her own. She is also collaborating on a series of children's books. As a freelancer, she writes short stories, poetry, and articles.

Christine also acts as a communications officer to her alma mater's alumni association and she drafts reports for an Amsterdam-based human rights NGO.


Christine started proofreading and editing while she was in high school. It is now impossible to count the amount of things she has proofread in the past decade! She has proofread and corrected everything from science lab reports, application essays and cover letters, bachelors and masters theses (in the social and natural sciences), legal submissions for local international courts, to business plans.

Christine enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on and she loves making texts accessible to audiences that are not too well acquainted with the subject matter beforehand. She is well known not only for making sure that every comma is in its right place, but also for making the texts she edits read as smooth as honey.

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Christine is a native English, German and Finnish speaker and she has lived in five different countries. Christine has been translating for as long as she can remember! (Translating is basically a sort of second nature to her.)

Christine is most comfortable translating into English and she is also well-equipped to do so for legal documents. She has done German-English and Finnish-English legal translations both in-house at a large law firm and as a freelancer for a legal translation office. Christine is known to stay very close to the original meaning and phrasing, while making sure that the translation reads well and sounds natural in its new language.


Her camera is one of the first items Christine packs when traveling to any place new. Christine is a landscape, botanical and travel photographer. She particularly loves photographing buildings, sunsets, the ocean, gardens and friends.

Her photographs have been published in PAX Magazine in 2015 and 2016.

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Christine has been taking art classes for as long as she can remember. This year, she is focusing on children's book illustrating. Christine also studied sculpture for a year in high school. Her training in sculpture has left a distinctive mark on her drawing and illustration style.

Christine is currently in the process of illustrating several book covers and a set of children's books.


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