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Recent Work

Within the EU, Christine Nikander acts as interim legal counsel, works as an independent legal contractor, offers services as a legal consultant, and gives pro bono legal advice to social enterprises and young start-ups. Amongst others, she does freelance work in contact drafting, IP protection, legal research, due diligence, document review, and corporate social responsibility.


Her past work includes the following:

  • Christine has acted as legal counsel to a young company without a legal department.

  • She has negotiated agreements and spoken to long-term investors as the lead legal representative.

  • She has drafted and negotiated IP licensing agreements for a social enterprise.

  • She has drafted company-internal policies and third-party clauses to manage and protect IP rights.

  • She has drafted the corporate social responsibility clauses and ethical guidelines for a young company.

  • She has advised a number of young social enterprises and start-ups on how to protect their IP and has helped them with the licensing of their IP.

  • She has led a large team of jurists in an eDiscovery project.

  • She has worked as a freelancer on large-scale legal document review assignments.

Past Experience

Christine Nikander completed a junior training contract at a large law firm in Amsterdam from 2017 to 2020. Her rotations were completed in the departments for competition law (for 6 months), international arbitration (for 1.5 years), and intellectual property law (for 1 year).

She gained experience inter alia in the following:

  • State aid and cartel follow-on damage claims litigation

  • Arbitrations under various rules, incl. ICC and UNCITRAL rules

  • Commercial litigation on long-term manufacturing and supplies agreements

  • Insurance claims litigation

  • Patent and trade secret litigation

  • Transactional IP for M&A deals

  • Drafting contracts and clauses to protect IP rights

  • Pro bono legal assistance for start-ups

She also held a role as a member of the firm's sustainability committee for one year. In this role, she found new pro bono clients for the firm and started a set of new firm-internal sustainability initiatives.

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