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Interim legal services
IP contract drafting
Due diligence
Legal research and drafting
Policy analysis



  • Interim legal services, as legal counsel and for private practice

  • Drafting of IP licensing agreements

  • Drafting of company-internal policies and third-party clauses to manage and protect IP rights

  • Due diligence, particularly for environmental and human rights law and policy

  • Document review of IP licensing agreements, contracts and other legal documents

  • Drafting company policies on corporate social responsibility and ethical guidelines

  • Policy analysis for proposals on new legislation

  • Proofreading and editing of legal texts in English

  • Translating legal documents (from German or Finnish into English)

Legal research and drafting, such as:

  • Conducting studies on the implementation of EU directives in Member States' national legislation

  • Drafting of proposals to enact new laws or policies

  • Legal memorandums outlining the case law or the present legal situation

  • Drafting of research reports for NGOs and think tanks

  • Content creation for legal publications and textbooks

  • Fact-checking for legal news and legal publications

  • Proofreading and editing of legal texts

Feel free to reach out, if you are looking for a contractor for any of the above.


Areas of Expertise

Public International Law

EU & Comparative European Law

EU Regulatory Law

International Arbitration

Commercial Litigation

Intellectual Property

Environmental Law & Policy

Energy Law & Policy

Waste Management Law

Climate Law & Litigation

Human Rights Law & Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility


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