Interim Management

Legal & compliance management
Project management
Case management for litigation matters
Document review management
Team leading for legal and mixed teams

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  • Setting up and managing a new legal department for young companies

  • Project management for legal and compliance tasks

  • Case management for large-scale litigation and arbitration matters

  • Review management and team leading for document review and eDiscovery projects

Feel free to reach out, if you are looking for a contractor for any of the above.


Need an interim manager for your international team?

Christine Nikander is an empathetic manager, experienced in leading international teams. She has experience leading large legal teams and small mixed teams.

A few of Christine's strengths as a manager include that she:

- has lived in 5 countries and has experience in leading diverse intercultural teams

- is an empathetic manager and an excellent listener (and also a strong team player)

- is a quick learner and easily adapts to new settings and situations

- functions well in fast-paced and high-pressure environments

- has worked extensively with young social enterprises and start-ups

- has founded a company and knows what it means to be a young entrepreneur

- has experiences working in various different capacities as a lawyer and a jurist (i.e. she has worked as an associate at a large law firm, as a legal counsel, and as a freelance jurist)

- is an excellent communicator (i.e. she took courses in journalism at University and has worked as a communications officer)
- can work in English, German and Finnish (and has a full passive understanding of Dutch)


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