Paving a new path.

Combining a passion for the law, management, and creativity under one roof.

After having worked at a large law firm for a number of years, Christine Nikander founded her own company in August 2020. Through her business, Christine offers her clients legal, management and content creation services on an interim, freelance, consultancy, contractual or project basis.

Christine also has a small artist's studio in the north of Germany. Through the studio branch of her company, she produces and sells a selection of her creative work.


Legal Services

Interim Legal Counsel

Legal Consultancy & Contract Work

Pro bono Legal Advice

Alternative Dispute Resolution

International & EU Law

Contract Drafting

Intellectual Property

Corporate Social Responsibility

Interim Management

Legal & Compliance Management
Project Management
Litigation Case Management
Document Review Management
Leading Legal & Mixed Teams

Intercultural Management

Diversity & Inclusion Management

CSR Management

Content Creation

Original Art & Photography
Illustrations & Printmaking
Storytelling & Copywriting
Copyediting & Proofreading