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Current Projects


Christine is currently acting as legal counsel for a social enterprise. She is also providing pro bono legal advise to a number of young start-ups.


Christine currently works as a freelancer for a legal translation office, translating English, German and Finnish legal documents.


Christine is currently working on two poetry collections, a novel and a short story collection. She is also co-authoring a series of children books.


Christine recently finished making a new series of linocut prints. She is also in the process of illustrating a series of children's books.


Christine is in the process of making a small commissioned sculpture to commemorate the anniversary of a client.


Christine is currently working with a few NGOs in the humanitarian and human rights sector. She also acts as a mentor to a few students and young graduates from her alma mater.



Christine is always open to collaborations. If you would like to collaborate with her on a project, do not hesitate to reach out.


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